An ancient proverb says, “to the making of plenty books there is no end.” How true!

Many of us cannot keep up with reading all the books we should be reading, and that would benefit us.

In addition to the vast array of books available, we have a countless number of blog posts and magazine articles written every day that millions would read.

Would we ever run out of material to read? Not likely. Would we have more need for books, articles, and blog posts to be written? Most certainly!

Becoming a writer has its peculiar roadblocks, and it is great to know you are not alone in terms of challenges that come along, especially if you are an aspiring writer. Hop on by joining my mailing list to get regular information on how to overcome these roadblocks.

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When I started writing stories for children the intention behind was always teaching them life

important lessons. The question is: do we really have books for all of those lessons? Tell me one

you'd like to see written. Something you'd like your children to remember when becoming adults. Do so through the box below: