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Hi, I am Ngozi Edema. I am a storyteller, podcaster and online entrepreneur.

I love writing stories for kids and creating recipes on my other website, Africanfoods.co.uk 

Since you are here, I assume you may be interested in stories for kids and have a child within my focus age range, 3-9 years.

Thank you for visiting my little space online. I have prepared a little gift for my little audience and I hope they enjoy it. This gift is a taste of what to expect here. It is a nice little treat to let you know there is more to come.

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You will also enjoy my other books, Mama’s  Daycare, and The Proud Sunflower. Please check them out and order yours. You may also like my recipe book, BrInging Africa Home.

Mama’s Daycare enjoyed a bestseller status in children’s literature on Amazon. Order yours below:

My book, Mel the Monkey and the Alligator, is my gift to new subscribers to my newsletter. Subscribe to my newsletter below and get one. You and your little angel can enjoy reading together. You may also purchase the paperback copy from Amazon.

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I also run a one-on-one training on self-publishing for stay-at-home mums who have worked so hard in raising their kids and will want to do something for themselves by way of writing and self-publishing.

If you are interested, please get in touch by filling the contact form below, stating your area of interest.

Check here regularly for resources designed to help you and your kids with reading and writing. I believe “a child who reads becomes an adult who thinks.”

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Thank you for coming here.

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