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My name is Ngozi and I’m a busy mom like you. I am also a children 's book and recipe book author. I am passionate about helping other moms become self-published. I have been writing in my blogs since 2005.

How I started Writing Books?

In 2005, I started a side hustle selling African food online. I was very busy with my mom life and worked part-time and, at some point, full-time.

To help grow my side hustle, I started writing the answers to questions from my customers. The questions varied and, I had to do a lot of research to serve my customers well. Serving in this way prepared me for the journey ahead!

Storytelling with Ngozi

The Start of My Journey Into The World of Self-Publishing

In time, I decided to compile recipes and frequently asked questions. So, I could have answers ready to go. Then, I decided it would be worthwhile to have it in a recipe book and gift my customers. Thus, I began my journey into the world of self-publishing.

Little did I know I would soon become a self-published author with one recipe book and five children's books published. And with more on the way. But I did it the hard way, learning on the fly and making tons of mistakes, all while frantically looking after four kids as a stay-at-home mom.

You do not have to. I want to help busy moms like you publish your first book and still have time to look after your kids. It is not too good to be true! When you sign up today for my one to one coaching, you will learn how to:

  1. Get story ideas using tools you may already have in your home.
  2. Research your book ideas and story.
  3. Turn your ideas into a book using four easy steps.
  4. Hire the people that will help you put every piece together.
  5. You will then launch and publish.

And much more.

Why You Need A Book Writing Coach?

Have you ever been on a hike? Or are you an experienced hiker? What is your best advice for anyone hiking for the first time?

Would you advise new hikers to go on their own or with someone who has done it before?

While it is possible to go on your own, it is best to seek the help of someone who have been on that hike before. You need to know the trail and the best route to follow. It is part of your safety measure. And hiking on your own may also be dangerous. If there is a problem, you need someone to call emergency services.

 Would you encourage your friend to get necessary things like snacks, water and bear spray if you live in a bear country? Yes, you probably would encourage any new hiker to stay safe by going with people familiar with the paths and who know the safest route. You may even suggest going in a group for their safety and encouragement to finish the hike! 

Apply the same principle when starting a new project, like book writing. Getting a coach is like getting an experienced hiker to come with you in your journey to becoming self-published. You arrive at your destination safely and in way less time!

And a good coach motivates you to complete your book writing journey! Yes, like going on a hike with challenging terrain, there are difficult days in the life of a future author. You need someone to help you through such days! Your book coach will do just that.

 Give me the permission to be your experienced hiker and take you through the safest path. To find out if we are a fit, book for a half hour with by clicking the button below:

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As a mother, I know how important it is to select the right kind of books for children to read. That’s why I decided to share stories of my own. I am obsessesd with childern's books. I love the way their little eyes lit up when you read them a story.

My children books are full of colours, action, and lessons that I’m sure you and your child will enjoy bonding over. Check them out here.

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