Mama's Daycare

I have been writing and chronocling important things about my life for years. Writing and publishing a book was not a reason for doing so, but it is a way of distracting me from little woriies that come every now and again due to the challenges of life. Mama's daycare is the answer to a question my yougest asked me just before she started school. What would you be doing mum?

My motivation came from that question, but I wanted to write it from the perspective of a five-year-old, but something that mums like me could relate. So, it would be delightful reading for a parent and child.

Mama's Daycare

The book is about the main character Nene, who is starting kindergarten soon and was worried about her poor mum, who would be left alone while she(Nene) is at school.

You would love the intriguing mind of this five-year-old as she figures out some fun things for her mama!

The book was first published on April 1st and is available in two formats on Amazon. Amazon Kindle edition and paper format. You can purchase either or both by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy reading this with your litte one. We love to hear what they think of it.

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