Amice and the goose with golden eggs

Amice and the goose that laid the golden eggs is an adaptation of an Aesop's fable, adapted for storytelling with Ngozi. A story of how greed can make us lose everything.

Greed is now a part of our larger society. Children are imitators of the adults they see around them. If your focus is to buy everything around you, it won't be long before the children copy and want every toy in the shop.

In this week's story, we are introduced to Amice and the goose early. They are the main characters along with Betty, Amice's wife. I will try not to spoil it for you, and allow you to listen to the story below;

Lessons from the story amice and the goose

Amice had everything. His selfish desire for more is what lead to his making wrong choices. We do not want to end up like Amice and allow our quest for more rob us of the joy if keeping what we already have.

Why we should not be greedy?

Greed is the selfish desire to get more. It robs us of happiness as most people are not attracted to greedy people. This is especially so when they have been hurt by the actions of the greedy person. 

Greedy people want all the toys, food and money. So, they leave others with very little.

They develop negative traits like selfishness, highly competitive, envy and sometimes lying and stealing.

And it may soon affect their mental and physical health. How can you help your child?

Help your child not to be greedy

  • Lesson number one is YOU. Be the kind of person you want your child or children to be. If they see you buying everything advertise on tv, how can you encourage them not to? So, place a limit on yourself and explain to them that we can't have everything we desire. If we did, mummy and daddy will have to work harder and they may not have time to spend with them. Many kids would rather have their parents with them than the latest gadgets.
  • Set limits and be confident to say no. Disappointment won't hurt them, it will make them stronger and mentally able to cope later in life.
  • Teach them the joy that comes from sharing. Say things like: "No, you can't have more than two scoops of ice cream as your brother and sister will have some too." In time, they will learn to show consideration and not greedily have everything.
  • Teach them to be thankful. When people show thankfulness, they are contented and happy. Greed is unhealthy. You may get what you want it will, however, not guarantee your happiness. 

Greed is a part of society. It is often promoted by the media, by our peers and even relatives. We cannot control what others do and promote, we are, however, able to make our own choices as to what we will do and teach our children to make great choices.

Amice and the goose is a great story we can all benefit from when faced with selfishness and greed. Storytelling is an effective way of teaching.

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