Androcles And The Lion

Androcles was a slave to the merchant Felix. Felix treated his slaves harshly and Androcles decided to run away risking a heavy consequence for running away.

In this week's story, you will hear such new terms as an amphitheatre. What is that you may ask? Yes, it was a building where people came to watch games, executions and fights with wild animals like this week's story. They were popular entertainments in the Roman and Greek empires.

They were strange and cruel entertainments and we are thankful that these things no longer exist. But the focus of the story is not the amphitheatre but the beautiful relationship animals could have with humans. And how even animals could faithful to people who treat nicely.

Now, let's go over to the story below and please come back to do your activity for the week.

What Can We Learn From The Story Of Androcles

Androcles helped a wounded lion. I do not recommend you try to help a lion or any wild animal that is wounded as it may be very dangerous. But you can call the authorities who are better equipped to deal with such issues.

However, you can treat other humans and domestic animals nicely. Many animals respond nicely when treated kindly by humans. Most humans also do. And even if they do not, do not let it stop you from doing good to others especially when it is safe to do so. If it is not safe you get someone who has the ability and power to help.

What Is An Amphitheatre

An amphitheatre is a circular structure similar in looks to a modern stadium, where the Romans go for entertainment. They watched contests and sometimes plays. Their contests were weird and most times cruel instead of watching football or basketball or any other game you know, they watch fights between two humans or a human and a wild animal or the executions of criminals. One of the most famous amphitheatres that still exists today is the colosseum. Whenever you are in Rome put it on your bucket list of places to see. Read more on the colosseum here.

We will keep our activity this week simple. Can you discuss with your child what they think are the benefits of learning about ancient places, people, culture and their general way of life? Ask them to tell you places they will like to visit and why.

Additional activity? Ask them to think of three persons whether family members or friends they intend to show kindness. Let them choose what they will do for these persons. Have fun with your little one as you help them to grow into very kind individuals. 

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