Anxiety In Children, When To Worry.

Anxiety in children according to Anxiety Canada, affects about 20% of children and adolesence. That is a huge percentage that cannot be ignored. The same article pointed out the situation may missed by parents and others. Why?

Well, some anxious children are well-behaved and others may be disruptive and labelled "bad kid". Read the article if you suspect your child may be anxious.

Fears and worries are normal and helpful emotions in humans. For insatnce it normal to fear falling from a cliff because it will mean death. Healthy fears prevent us from harming ourselves.

They become a problem when these emotions take over our lives and starts affecting work, play, family life, school and other aspects of our lives. How can you tell if something is wrong?

Children outgrow many of their wories or fears. Two common ones are fear of the dark and fear of separation from parents. As they grow older, they know the dark is not as scary as they thought. They also know mum and dad are only away for a while and they are reunited. So, wheras a two year old may be anxious because of separation from parents, a 10 year old may not.

What if the 10 year old in the above scenerio is still afraid of separation from parents that they can play with their peers and fear going to school? It may be necessary to seek the help of professionals.

It is not clear why so some children develop anxiety disorder but things like bullying, traumatic experiences, problems at home, failure at school, low self-esteem may contribute to anxiety disorder.

Symptoms of Anxiety In Children

According to the NHS, these are the symptoms to look out for;

  1. Finding it hard to concentrate
  2. not sleeping or waking up at night with bad dreams
  3. Problems with eating 
  4. Becoming easily iritable
  5. Always clingy
  6. Always crying
  7. Having negative thoughts

If you consstently notice one or more of these symptoms, it might be best to check with your doctor for advise. It may not be anything serious, for most people, it is normal. However, it is fine to err on the side of caution than to be sorry for missing an opprtunity to help your child. We can beat anxiety in children if we get the help needed on time. Be alert to symptoms, seek help.

Have your child read Mama's Daycare? Well, little Nene was worried that her poor mother will be left on her own when she(Nene) goes to school. That is a healthy worry. She is learning to care for her mother the way her mother cares for her. But excessive worry or taken on responsibilties beyond their age is what is discouraged. 

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