Blue Sapphire Bracelet

All about sapphires

Since the middle ages, people have believed that sapphires will protect loved ones from harm.

Sapphires are the second hardest minerals – just a tad softer than diamonds – rating a 9 where diamonds are rated 10.

They are every bit as beautiful as a diamond. In fact, only trained experts can tell them apart. It is not the appearance that sets them apart, but the chemical make-up.

You may think any lay person could tell them apart because sapphires are blue and diamonds are clear. Not true. Sapphires and diamonds both come in a variety of colors. These include pink, green, white, yellow and many combinations in between.

The great thing about a blue sapphire bracelet is that is goes with everything. As being the favorite color of so many people, you are sure to have something in your wardrobe that will match perfectly. You could have a delicate little bracelet for casual outfits, or go all out with an extremely fancy version for special occasions.

The color of sapphires

The color of a gemstone is determined by three major components:

  • Hue: The hue is what you see as the color.
  • Saturation: The saturation describes the brightness or vividness of the color.
  • Tone: The tone refers to the darkness or lightness of the color.

Natural sapphires vary in color depending on the mixtures of the primary and secondary hues as well as various levels or shades of the saturation. These variations are created by the various minerals or other substances that enter the crystal during formation, usually called inclusions.

Blue sapphires are evaluated by the purity of the primary hue. Secondary hues most commonly found in sapphires are purple, green and violet. Obviously, the most beautiful blue sapphire bracelets, in the opinion of many gemstone lovers will, will be made with sapphires containing delicate hints of violet or purple.

Green tends to give the gem an aquamarine color, which might be attractive to some, but the majority of people consider this a negative attribute. This feeling is shared with jewelry experts who rate blue sapphires with secondary hues of green as not fine quality. While those with violet and purple secondary hues are considered very fine quality, and priced accordingly.

When gray enters the picture (sapphires with gray as the secondary hue) the color is not as bright and considered less attractive.

Sapphires over diamonds? Sure!

Savvy diamond marketers might have the world believing that “diamonds are a girls best friend” but that doesn't mean this old adage is true. With all of the glamor and glory a sapphire has to offer, it makes a formidable rival to any diamond. And a blue sapphire bracelet will be a treasured addition to any fine jewelry collection.

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