The Busy Mom Hacks to
Getting Organized

Busy mom hacks? Every mama need this!

No kidding, mama’s life is not easy. Let me start by sending a shoutout to all you hardworking moms out there. Every self-sacrificing love you show will eventually pay off!

We all agree it is tough to manage a home. However, with skilful planning, with busy mom hacks, you can get ahead.

You Are Enough

On very challenging days, you may feel like a failure. Or a not a good-enough-mom. You are not alone. We have all been there. But whenever those inner doubts come, please get yourself off that track as soon as possible! Why?

Always remind yourself that perfect people do not exist. And that you are waking up daily and doing everything within your power to achieve the best. And even when you fail, you will pick up from the spot you fell and keep moving. That is a great strategy, girl!

What Can You Do With An Extra Hour?

As a course creator, I am constantly looking at freeing up time through efficient strategies. I believe in working smarter and not harder! This method saves you both time and money. 

The best way to staying on top of things is through a carefully planned structure. You design strategies to make things work better. 

By organizing the things you do, you gain extra time to spend elsewhere. Just think of all the great things you could do with another hour or two!

You could learn to sew, bake, craft, write a book or have a little time to indulge in self-care! 

Every mama needs a bit of self-care. When last did you have time to get your nails done?  Or to get a massage, watch a movie with the girls or go out for coffee? These sorts of things are great for your mental health and to put you in the proper mind frame for your mama duties. You do not have to feel guilty when you care for yourself because you deserve it!

Efficient Busy Mom Hacks to Try Now?

  1. Plan Ahead. An ancient Proverb says: "The plans of the diligent surely lead to success." When you plan ahead, you increase your chance of success. Plan your activities for the week at the start of each week.
  2. Remember You Are Human. When things get tough, remember you are human. You cannot do everything. You have limitations and challenges are a part of life. If you did not get it right today, tomorrow is another day, another chance!
  3. Never Become Overwhelmed By Your To-do List. To-do list are a guide to help and not to overwhelm. Make it a master list where you go to, to give you an idea the things you should do. However, priortize what is trully important and pick not more than five a day. And in the cause of your week, go back to your master list to pick the next five.
  4. Teach Your Kids How to do Chores. Yes, chores are a part of life. When is the best time to learn to do them? When you are young! Dishwashing, doing the laundry, helping with dinner, taking the garbage out, and so forth. You are teaching them how to be responsible, empowering them and freeing up more time for yourself. It is a win-win.
  5. Simplify Your Family's Activities. As moms we want our children to have fun and learn differnt skills they can use as adults. We put them in different training programmes. Piano lessons, football, basket ball, swimming, ice skating and many others. While this is good, you may sometimes put them in too many of these programmes filling up each day after school. You become exhausted, your kids are also exhausted. How about picking only a couple at a time and when they are done with these, they go to the next?
  6. Simplify Your Meals. Meal times are the best. You want everyone to have a beautiful experience. Cooking and preparation also takes time. Find recipes that are about one hour or less. Try slow cooker recipes for busy nights. Or check out ready meal deals at your local grocery shop.

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