Diamond and Sapphire Rings

Diamond and sapphire rings are always a fabulous choice. Whether you are shopping for a special anniversary present or planning to “pop the question”!

Jewelry is a high end purchase for any occasion, and as such deserves a lot of thought and care in choosing just the right piece.

The main thing to keep in mind when selecting jewelry is the person receiving the gift. Are you buying for a man or a woman? Is the gift for a special occasion or for a life changing event such as a marriage? Do you want a ring, necklace or a set of earrings? Is the intended recipient partial to diamonds, sapphires or some other gem?

Diamond and sapphires are very similar in many ways. They not only look almost identical, they are available in many of the same colors. The hardness of the two gems is almost identical, as well. We all know that diamonds are the hardest mineral on the planet, but very few people realize that sapphires are just a tad softer.

The two gems are so much alike that only a highly trained professional can tell the difference between the two.

Selecting your gems

When it comes to where to buy jewelry, you have choices. You could go to a fancy jewelry store and pick one the fabulous new diamond and sapphire rings on display, you could shop at an online store, or you could check out antique and vintage jewelry dealers. Whichever you choose, make sure the retailer is reputable and the gems come with a certificate of authenticity.

Another choice is to create a unique piece of jewelry. Loose gemstones are available at a variety of stores. You can choose a pre-cut gem or have one cut specifically to suit your needs. Once you select the gem, you can have it professionally set in a variety of bands, or have a custom band designed just for you.

The quality of a gem is determined by the 4 Cs – cut, clarity, color and carat weight. The cut can turn a raw gemstone from an ugly chunk of mass into a breathtaking piece of art. It takes a very skilled and experienced hand to cut diamonds and sapphires. One wrong move and a $1000 stone could be rendered worthless. The cut also brings out the clarity and color. Obviously, too much cutting will lessen the carat weight, so the final value of a gemstone all boils down to the cut.

Of course, market value of precious gems is also dependent on supply and demand. A stroll through an upscale jewelry store and it may appear as if there are more diamond and sapphire rings than will ever be sold in twenty lifetimes. But in fact, there are some gems so rare that it is nearly impossible to put a price on them.

Rarest diamond

Rarity can mean a few different things. Gems are rare because they are hard to find, but to be declared the rarest, a gem is either an usual, hard to find color, or unusually large.

Based on color, the rarest diamond in the world is The Ocean Dream Diamond. It only weighs 5.51 carats, but the bluish-green color is hardly ever seen.

Based one size, the rarest diamond in the world is The White Cullinan Diamond. This diamond originally weighed in at about 3106.75 carats. The gem was cut into 96 small gems and nine large chunks. The pieces were put into various British Crown jewels.

Rarest sapphire

The Kashmir Sapphire is the rarest sapphire, weighing in at 8.99 carats.

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