Diamond Earring Sales
Getting The Best Bargains

Diamond earring sales are often the best time to find a delicate stone in a magnificent setting which will delight your loved one.

Jewellery stores often find themselves in a position to dramatically cut their prices, putting amazing stones within reach of just about anyone. They come in drop styles, hoops and studs, or as 1 carat, 2 carats, round cut diamond earring, or Princess cut. You could even get some in oval or ribbon designs. Black diamond or dangle diamond earrings and more.

The right sale can deliver the perfect earrings to make your loved one feel truly precious.
And of course, she will think you spent a lot more than you did!
They need not be considered only a gift. Diamonds hold their value or increase in value as time goes on.

Finding a great diamond sale is a bit of a waiting game, as not every jewelry store has sales at the same time and not all earring sales are the same. Depending on the time of year and the store you shop at, you could find a real bargain and an excellently cut stone.

There are no hard and fast rules for finding a diamond sale, you just need to be observant and scan the local or online listings.

Different jewelers have different bills to pay and get different deals on the gems they sell. So, they might have a sale because they had a great month and can cut prices for a weekend, or they might have a sale because they need to move some inventory in a hurry.

Holiday season is another good time to find great diamond sales. Jewelry stores often put their diamond earrings on sale during these times, making excellent deals available on their stock. Holidays are a good time to find a great deal on diamond earrings, because the stores normally bring out all their stock and mark all prices down. This means you have more choices when it comes to finding the diamond earrings you want.

During a diamond earring sale you still want to be certain you are getting a quality stone for the money. Check to make sure you are getting a true gold post, with 14 or 18 carat gold. Any higher carat gold and the post will be weak and likely break or bend after use.

Also, have the sales person explain the grade of the diamond and the examine the cut for yourself. Make certain you are getting the widest face possible. Not all diamonds are the same, even if they are the same weight. Also look at the diamonds carefully, examine them in the light and see how they sparkle and shine. If you don’t like the pair the sales person is offering you, ask to see a different pair, or visit a different jewelry store.

Also, major holiday diamond earring sales are a great time to negotiate a better deal for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson if they can do better on the price. Many times, especially during a sale, they are looking to make a deal which can get you the diamond of your dreams.

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