Diamond snowflake earrings

How can I find the best diamond snowflake earrings?

The value and allure of any diamond often comes down to two fundamentals:

1. Carat size.

2. Cut.

Snowflake, when it comes to diamond earrings, is actually a design rather than a cut.

The carat size and worth will vary considerably, depending on the design.

A combination of various classic cut diamonds, such as round, princess, and marquise may be used so that when linked they form a unique and intricate design - just like a natural snowflake.

Some women want their diamond and pearl earrings to be as unique as possible. The snowflake design is a popular way of achieving this.

Also, snowflakes themselves are a natural phenomenon that denote rarity, purity, and - because each individual snowflake is said to be unique - they make an appropriate metaphor for the exclusive quality we search for in beautiful diamond earrings.

Creating diamond earrings

The snowflake design has been popularized by some of the world's greatest jewelers such as Tiffanys and Van Cleef & Arpels. However, snowflakes are available at all price points and represent some of the best value available for retail purchasers.

Adding to their glamor is the wearing of snowflakes by celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson at the Oscar ceremony.

Also, the lovely Chloe Sevigny wowed fans at a recent Cartier promotional event in a pair of vintage British diamond snowflakes from the early 1960's.

Processes vary according to the complexity of the design and the materials used.

Some examples of metals used for expensive pairs of diamond snowflakes are white gold and yellow gold. But for cheaper alternatives, sterling silver is usually used.
And, similar to other diamonds earrings, snowflakes are also available in different colored stones - champagne, pink, etc.

This makes it easy for anyone to get their dream pair.

But whatever type of design, color or metal you choose to personalize your diamond snowflake earrings, you are sure to feel and look great!

If you are looking to own a sophisticated pair of diamond earrings just like Scarlett Johanssen and Chloe Sevigny, or just make a loved-one extremely happy and impressed, a pair of diamond snowflakes earrings is a great way to go.

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