Diamond Stud Heart Earrings: 10K Yellow Gold Diamond and Garnet Heart-Shaped Earrings

by Sarah

For the perfect romantic gift, choose this love-inspired diamond and garnet stud heart earrings. These gorgeous earrings from the Amazon Curated Collection is crafted with quality and made with 10 karat yellow gold, 14 genuine natural diamonds with a total weight of .08 carats, 2 beautiful deep red natural garnet stones and posts with friction back.

The 10 Karat Yellow Gold Diamond and Garnet Heart-Shaped Earrings showcases an elegant and classy design with diamond embellished swooping heart shapes topped off with radiant and eye-catching faceted brilliant red garnet gems placed between the tips.

The beautiful combination of garnets and diamonds make this pair of earrings valuable and gorgeous. As we all know, diamonds are expensive and so are garnets. Because of its high refraction index, garnets are also considered valuable stones.

This pair of diamond and garnet stud heart earrings is a must-have and can be an ideal gift for women whose birthdays are in January – since garnet is said to be the official birthstone of those born during the month. Garnet stones, with their deep red shade are not only beautiful but are also associated with characteristics such as sincerity, truth, faithfulness, grace and loyalty.

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