Diamond Stud Heart Earrings: Love Knot Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Diamond Heart Earrings

by Sarah

If you believe that love stands the test of time then the Love Knot Sterling Silver Diamond Stud Heart Earrings should be part of your jewelry collection. Compared to simple heart shape diamond stud earrings, these pretty pair’s design has a unique story behind it. The love knot has been a symbol of eternity and many other things for centuries.

This unique and evocative symbol was originally drawn by the Ancient Celts but is still as fitting and desirable as it was back then. During those times, the love knot was very popular and was used to adorn pendants, clothes and tapestries of the Ancient Celts.

The love knot, apart from symbolizing eternity, represents the eternity of life, of nature and love. It is also a strong reminder of the fact that all our lives are interconnected. And it is for this reason that this symbol, just like ordinary heart shape, is again as strong today as it have been during the ancient times.

In this lovely pair of studs, the love knot makes each earring stand out and become eye-catching. It is styled in a way that each knot that forms the heart shape hugs each piece. Stylish and symbolic, the Love Knot Diamond Stud Heart Earrings is the perfect piece to represent true and everlasting love.

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