Diamond Stud Heart Earrings: Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Pave Heart Earrings

by Sarah

Love diamond stud heart earrings but don’t have the budget to buy one with real and natural diamonds? If so, then this stylish pair of cubic zirconia pave set heart earrings is the perfect item to fill your cravings for sparkly stud heart earrings. Charming and stylish, these sparkly stud earrings are made with genuine sterling silver that gives each pair their contemporary design.

Many believe that cubic zirconia stones look just like real diamonds, and in fact they do – a jeweler can only tell the difference. And just like genuine diamonds, cubic zirconias go way back and have their own history in the jewelry industry.

Cubic zirconia stones were discovered by mineralogists from Germany in 1937. In their natural state, cubic zirconias were crystal-like. They are colorless and once fully created in laboratories, it becomes a durable material that can be cut in different sizes and molded in a variety of shapes.

At first these crystals had no specific purpose until the 1970s, when scientists started growing these crystals in labs for jewelry.

And since then, it has been the most popular alternative for diamonds which is why this Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Pave Heart Earrings is the perfect answer for those who love sparkly things but can’t afford to buy real diamond stud heart earrings.

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