Diamond Teardrop Earrings

An all time favorite for most women are diamond teardrop earrings. Just the way they dangle at the side of your head makes you feel sexy.

Diamonds are one of those must-have items. You will hardly a jewelry box anywhere without at least a few diamond pieces. Jewelry enhances your look, accents your outfit and pulls the whole ensemble together. And diamonds do this job better than any other gem.

Whether you have long hair or short, sparkly, dangly diamond teardrops add the bling that sends your look through the roof. It's all abut the accessories. Even a plain T and blue jeans can look ultra-chic when you add dazzling diamond earrings.

Diamonds are forever

How did we become so obsessed with this little rock that came from a not so attractive piece of coal? The first diamonds are believed to have been found in India about 3000 to 6000 years ago.

The initial attraction was the hardness. Most diamonds mined, even today, are not of gemstone quality, but are great for cutting and have many industrial uses, especially in fine cutting and engraving. The second attraction is the sparkle. After polishing, a diamond will not lose its luster and is virtually unscratchable.

In ancient India the diamond was used in creating religious icons. As explorers started traveling to these far away places and bringing back these shiny gems, more and more people became interested in these glorious stones. Even before women knew what a diamond was, one look and they were hooked, prompting men to employ explorers and travelers to bring back more.

As more diamonds became available, more creative jewelers were inspired to turn these stones into fancy jewelry, like the ever-popular diamond teardrop earrings. With improved cutting and polishing techniques, economic growth and extensive marketing campaigns, the popularity of diamonds grew and prices rose. Even though production techniques were simpler and supply increased, the prices continued to rise.

In these early days of diamonds, a diamond was a diamond. If you looked closely, you might be able to see a few differences, but generally quality was not questioned. During the 20th century, gemological experts developed a grading method for diamonds and other gemstones. The characteristics most important to determining value has become known as the four Cs: color, cut, clarity and carat.

Today, diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can get diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets, teardrop diamond earrings and diamond studs. However, whether you buy diamonds for yourself or as a gift, diamond teardrop earrings are sure to find the right design for you.

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