What You Should Know About Do-It-Yourself Publishing

Why go through the DIY Publishing or do-it-yourself publishing route? In the past, the only way to publish a book is through the traditional publishing route. Today, self-publishing has emerged as a game-changer, offering aspiring authors an unprecedented opportunity to bring their stories to life themselves. Here are a few benefits of do-it-yourself publishing:

  • It empowers you to take control of every aspect of your writing and publishing process.
  • When you bypass traditional publishing routes, you connect with your target audience directly and retain your creativity.
  • You have financial control over your work. Who doesn't want all of these?

Myths About Do-It-Yourself Publishing

Before we proceed with what to expect, here are four myths about self-publishing and why they are incorrect.

Myth 1:   Self-published authors are not authors. To publish means to make a manuscript available for reading. Authors create a publication, such as a book, magazine or blog post. Self-published authors use modern tools and publishing platforms like Amazon, Ingramspark, Smashword and so forth to get their books out to a target audience.

Myth 2: Self-published books can't be successful without a traditional publisher's endorsement. While it may be true that traditional publishing deals can boost an emerging author's visibility and distribution, self-published authors can be successful. Many self-published authors have achieved bestseller status, garnered critical acclaim, and even secured movie or television adaptations for their books. Please check out authors like E.L. James, Amanda Hocking and Joanna Penn. It is worth noting that success in self-publishing hinges on factors such as quality writing, effective marketing strategies, and building a strong author platform, rather than relying solely on a traditional publisher's endorsement.

Myth 3:  You need a ton of money to self-publish. Self-published authors do not require a substantial amount of money to publish their books. In the past, traditional publishing involved significant financial investments, such as printing costs and distribution fees. However, the rise of self-publishing platforms and digital formats has revolutionized the industry. There is the print-on-demand option. So, you do not worry about printing costs. And publishing services like editing, proofreading and cover designs are affordable.

Myth 4: Self-published books are of inferior quality. While it is true that self-publishing allows for a wide range of quality, it is unfair to generalize and assume that all self-published books lack professionalism or polish. Many self-published authors invest in professional editing, proofreading, and cover design services to ensure their books meet industry standards. They also connect with their readers and listen to feedback. Thus, improving the quality of their books.

Your Guide To Do-It-Yourself Publishing


So, what should you expect if you choose the route of self-publishing your book? An ancient historical person advised that we calculate the cost of a project before embarking on it, that is, understand what is involved.

Understand the publishing process and set realistic goals. So, let's explore the secret behind self-publishing.

Writing And Editing

So, you have a book in your head? We need to get it out!  Write down your ideas and commit to researching and developing that topic. The foundation of any successful book is the quality of its content. So, turn your idea into an outline and structure your story, to suit a target audience. Concentrate on writing then, read over your work and pass it to an editor.

Design and Formatting

You want your readers to have an amazing experience flipping through your book. Then, your book cover plays a pivotal role in attracting readers. The interior formatting of your book enhances the reading experience. Check out existing formatting and layout options, including fonts, typography, and illustrations. Also, ensure you follow the requirements of your preferred publishing platform. You need to signup for a Kdp Amazon account if you are using that platform. And sign up for any other platforms.

Publishing Platforms and Distribution.

Publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and IngramSpark have the tools to help you publish. Consider using their eBook and print-on-demand services, which eliminates the need for upfront inventory.

Marketing and Promotion.

Even the most exceptional book needs an effective marketing strategy. This part of the journey is the least favourite for many authors. We may enjoy writing but marketing we would rather someone else do for us. Remember, you are your number one fan. If you do not market your book, no one else would. So, learn to connect with your readers. A solid author platform includes websites, blogs, and social media, these enable you to connect with readers directly. Also explore both online and offline marketing channels to maximize your book's visibility.

Managing Sales and Royalties

Understanding the financial aspects of DIY publishing is crucial. Learn how to price your book and how royalties work. This will help you make informed decisions. Your analytics is crucial to your success.

Connect With Others Who Do Same Thing. Join online forums, groups and follow other authors and be part of the community. Ask questions and get feedback. Also, offer help to others too.

Checklist For Do-It-Yourself Publishing

Do you have everything to help you self-publish?

Here is a simple checklist before you go:

1.     Choose a topic.

2.     Draw up an outline.

3.     Write and Edit

4.     Prepare your manuscript in the recommended format and design your book cover.

5.     Learn how to price your book and use analytics to make informed decisions.

6.     Plan a marketing strategy.

7.     Join author communities.

Do-it-yourself publishing lets you take the driver's seat from start to finish. You can unleash your creativity, connect with readers directly, and transform your writing dreams into a reality. It is a great option. I can't wait to watch your stories shine.

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