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Hi, Here are the things you have seen and heard me talk about. I love that you have taking the time to visit my little corner on the internet to talk about some of the things I care about.

If you don't already know, I am a children's book author and a course creator. When I am not writing children's stories or preparing my course lessons, I write recipes on my other blog, or spending my time volunteering with my favourite charity.

I firmly believe you do not have to to know everything to impact lives,  you only need to know the things that matters the most to people.

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I wish I had this guide when I was starting out because it would have covered so many of the questions I had when I was a beginner, such as:

1.     Is self-publishing legitimate?

2.    Is self-publishing worth it?

3.    Where do I get book ideas?

4.    How and where do I hire an editor, graphic designer for my book cover?

5.    What it takes to launch and publish

6.    How do I promote my book? And many more questions.

Women like you should have it all.

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