Mcdonald's Seeds And Growth Mindset

Mcdonald seeds were the best of a pack of seeds that a farmer planted. He gave them everything to make them grow. Whereas some seeds tried to grow, others gave up along the way.

This is the start of a 5 part series teaching growth mindset in children. What is a growth mindset

A growth mindset is a belief that with practice, hard work and resilience, a person's abilities could be developed and improved. And that regardless of setbacks, persistence often pays off. The opposite is what is known as a fixed mindset when a person thinks that no matter how much they try, they can never develop or improve their abilities.

This is the result of a theory developed by Carol Dweck a Psychologist from Stanford University. 

Everyone needs a growth mindset. Even adults get frustrated when learning something new but don't seem to be getting it right. The easiest route may be to abandon the task and go to an area they most comfortable with. That means they may never learn the new task.

The best time to practice a growth mindset is when young. That is what this series of stories is about. Please enjoy the first part:

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