The story of Naughty miss Moppet

Hello and welcome to another episode of storytelling with Ngozi. Today's story is about a naughty cat, Miss Moppet.

I am always happy when you can stop by to share a story with us. Did you know that on August 31st you get a free copy of the storybook, Storytelling with Ngozi. I am excited about it and I hope you are excited too. 

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Let us go over to today's story.

Activity for miss Moppet story

For this week's activity encourage you child to make a lovely card for someone in hospital or anyone else going through some difficulty. The more they help others, the nicer they become.

Five ways you can help your child not to be like Miss Moppet.

Sadly, there are people who behave like the character in this week's episode, Miss Moppet. They like to hurt others and watch them suffer. We never want to treat anyone in that manner. Below are five ways you can help your child treat others nicely:

  • Be a good role model. Your children see everything you do and most times they copy what you do. So, if you want them to treat othere nicely, start by doing so yourself. Be the person you want your child to become.
    If you want them to treat others with respect, they must see you doing same. If you constantly put other people down and use derogatory terms for them your little angels are watching. So do not be shocked when you see them treat classmates and their peers the way they have watched you do.
  • Watch the way they treat siblings and correct them accordingly. If do not correct them from home, they take the behaviour outside and hurt others. 
  • Arrange practice sessions creating different scenes and asking them what they will do in each scenarios. When they are involved in the "pretend play scenes," the message is ingrained in their brains and they remember when needed.
  • Do a family project and pick different ones to help.
  • Encourage them to write down how it made them feel when they showed kindness.

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