Hands Up If You Are A Mom Over 40

Who else is a mom over 40? Have you ever heard the saying "life begins at 40?" Well, it was a saying made popular by author Walter Pitkins in the 1930s. It was a period of increased life expectancy. Today, in many regions of the world, people are living even longer. So, if you are a mom over 40 this period may open a new world of opportunities to tap into. You may have raised your kids to the point where they are now independent freeing you to pursue other things you may have been putting off for so long.

Age 40 plus is the milestone age bracket. You are not considered "young", and you are not "old or elderly" either. You are somewhere in the middle, providing support for those before you and after you. It is that time when most of us pause and look back either with regret that we could have done better or satisfied that we have not done too bad. 

You also think about the future and how you are going to make it better. Retirement is another 20 plus years or less in many places! 

Mom Over 40? You Are Valuable

Over the years, as a mom, you have gained experience organizing and managing your home and family finances. You may have excelled in business or gone up the ladder at work. Younger or less-experienced people may already come to you for advice on parenting, childcare, help in business, schooling, travel, how to get discounts on groceries or any other thing. Can you put a price on what you know? Certainly not! You are set to have tremendous impact on others.

Sadly we may also think we do not have anything to offer, perhaps because we are not great with technology. Always remember this: you have a lot to offer in the areas of life that matters the most.

Stop for a moment and think about this: If you have one hour to spend with your 20-year-old self. How would you prepare? What would you say to her?

If you have a ton of advice to give her, you have hundreds or perhaps thousands or even millions you could pass on the same advice. So, you do have something to offer, something to teach another person.

Things You Can Do If You Are A Mom Over 40

  • Start investing a bit more in yourself. If you do not have young children anymore, chances are you can free up about an hour each day to learn something new like writing a book. If you spend one hour a day, that is 365 hours in a year. You may have a published book in 12 months!
  • Travel more if you have the resources. Travelling is educative, inspirational and fun. Perhaps it is time to start saving to go to those places you have had on your bucket list of places to visit.
  • Take a moment each day to show gratitude. Grateful people are happier and contented. There is no perfect lives anywhere. Even the perfect glossy, photos of celebrities hide the frustrations they face behind the scenes everyday. Don't be deceived. You may be living a more charmed life than they are! 
  • Eat well, exercise more. You may have gotten away with unhealthy eating in your first 40 years. Now, you must eat right as the next 40years may not offer you the same priviledge. Exercise more. Walk instead of taking the car.
  • Improve your spirituality. Study show that those who are spritual are happier. Do something about yours
  • A great skill to develop is writing. Turn your passion or expertise into a book. Or develop an impactful story in a fiction book. It can become a great hobby or a part-time or full-time income in later years!

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