Pearl Beaded Necklace: Natural Pink Freshwater Cultured Pearl with Rose Quartz Beaded Endless Necklace

by Sarah

Another great way to enjoy pearl jewelry is by owning one with pink pearl beads, just like this pearl beaded necklace from the Amazon Curated Collection.

This classy necklace is 36 inches long and features a combination of natural pink freshwater cultured pearls and pale pink rose quartz beads.

It is set in a clasp-less strand that can be worn in a single or double layer look and the subtle mixture of natural pink pearls and pale pink rose quartz are very pretty.

The pearl beads used to make this pretty and fashionably long pearl beaded necklace are cultured in China, gathered from freshwater lake and river mollusks. These beads are potato-shaped and are hand-strung.

Upon purchase, this pearl beaded necklace comes in a regal blue sueded-cloth pouch which is great for keeping these beautiful and precious pearls safe and accessible.

Overall, this pearl and crystal bead necklace from the Amazon Curated Collection is lovely and well-made. Once you actually see this item, you’ll notice that it has a striking color and texture than it appears in the picture.

It has a very lovely soft kind of pink and is definitely budget-friendly with its reasonable price – a very great deal for those on a budget.

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Shop safe at Amazon and enjoy free shipping if you spend $25 or more.

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