Use These Reading Tips To Help Your Child Read,

One of the major reasons I was inspired to write children books, is because I consider them the most enthusiastic readers. Their beautiful minds are filled with so much curiosity, ready to absorb the world around them.

What better way do we have to stir their imagination, than through reading? Reading not only helps them learn about the world around them but improves their language skills, vocabulary, serves as a brain exercise, helps them concentrate on tasks and achieve better grades at school.

How Early Can You Start Teaching
Your Child To Read?

No hard and fast rule. However, once they can speak, then you should be able to start introducing them to reading themselves. When they are very little and start exploring the world themselves, they ask you the whys, whats and hows of everything they see.Use the opportunity to show them where possible, that answers could be found in books. 

5 Tips You Can Employ To Help Your
Child Learn To Read.

  • You are your child’s best and most important teacher in their journey to learning how to read. Play reading games together, make it fun. Read books to gather pointing to each word as you go. If you are happy, they will be happy too. And they are able to connect reading to a fun activity they can enjoy. 
  • Have regular conversations with your child. When parents talk with their children regularly, they help them develop language skills and broaden their vocabulary. Which is then transferred to reading and writing. Tell them stories, ask them questions, play rhyme games, read rhyme books, teach them the lyrics of popular nursery rhymes.
  • Teach the alphabets and sounds of each letter at the same time. Study shows that children who learn both, simultaneously, do better and learn faster. I find getting a cardboard paper and cutting into flashcards writing each alphabet and teaching the sound to my child helpful. So, when practising, pick any of the alphabets, and ask the child to give you the sound and tell you what alphabet makes that sound. Fun game.
  • As you read and teach them to read, use your fingers to show them the correct pattern of reading from left to right, from top to bottom. It might seem basic to you, an experienced reader, but not so much for a little beginner reader.
  • Teach them consonant blends consonant clusters. These are a couple or more consonants that make their own unique sounds. Words like: cr, cl, and. Below are the blends and words you can derive from them.






















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