Ruby Heart Earrings

Ruby heart earrings combine wonderful symbolism and communicate much more than "ordinary" earrings.

These heart-shaped earrings are usually adorned with exquisite blood-red jewels that are sure to get you noticed.

Rubies in heart earrings may vary in color, ranging from pink to dark red.

These hard and colored gems are considered one of the four precious stones which include sapphires, emeralds and diamonds.

Origin of Earrings

Today, ruby heart earrings are one of the many pieces which are mainly used to enhance facial beauty. However, centuries ago, earrings were primarily used in the Middle East to distinguish culture, religion and social status. Earrings with elaborate designs and precious stones were proudly worn by people in power, while simple ones were worn and used as labels for slaves. In fact, ancient paintings in Persia depict the use of earrings as a symbol of power and masculinity as seen in images of soldiers.

Earrings are also known to have great meaning and purpose for men who sail the seas. Some sailors wear an earring to symbolize that they have sailed around the world or have crossed the equator, while others keep an earring on as payment for proper burial if they ever drown at sea and are found by people they don’t know.

The practice of having an earring for proper burial originates from Ancient Greece.

In some Southeast Asian countries like India, Nepal, Laos and Sri Lanka, earrings are mainly used for religion, not for decorative purposes – until today. Children, both boys and girls have their ears pierced in a religious ceremony before they reach 5 years old.

Investing Wisely

Many women love ruby hearts, making them one of the most classic jewelry pieces.

High quality does not come cheap, especially since the the ruby is amongs the most valuable among the precious stones.

The most expensive rubies are those that have a strong, pigeon blood-red color.

And like diamonds, other factors that determine a ruby’s worth is its clarity, cut and carat.

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