Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring

A sapphire diamond engagement ring is one of the most exciting options available, even though when people think “engagement ring” their thoughts automatically turn to a diamond solitaire.

The more romantic and expressive diamond and sapphire ring options come in a huge variety of styles and designs. And since sapphires and diamonds both come in a multitude of colors and shades, the combinations are virtually endless.

Traditionally sapphires are given as gifts for the fifth, twenty-third, forty-fifth wedding anniversaries, and the exquisite star sapphire is given as gift for the sixty-fifth wedding anniversary, but recently more and more people are giving them as engagement rings. Currently the most famous sapphire diamond engagement ring is probably the one Prince William gave to his bride. The ring that belonged to his mother, Princess Diana. The resurfacing of that ring seems to have spurred a whole new interest in blue sapphires in general, and sapphire diamond engagement rings in particular.

The deep blue of the sapphire combined with glorious white diamonds makes a truly beautiful ring in any style or design. However, other color combinations are quite beautiful as well. The exception to that may be using sapphires and diamonds of the same color. The two gems are so much alike that you can not tell them apart with the naked eye. So when you use a sapphire and diamond of the same color, no one will know you have two different gems in your ring.

This, however does have its advantages. Sapphires are generally less expensive than diamonds, so by using a few sapphires in place of diamonds, you could save several hundreds of dollars.

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