Seed Pearl Jewelry: Silver Leaf Natural Seed Pearl Bracelet

by Rose

This delicate, graceful leaf motif is intricately designed to showcase genuine natural seed pearls in a real sterling silver setting.

The workmanship in each meticulously crafted individual leaf is stunning.

Add 49 natural, pure and perfect seed pearls and you have a truly collectible piece of a quality that is hard to find in today's jewelry market.

This lovely bracelet is the "real thing" in every way, but is priced comparably with costume jewelry that has no intrinsic value and will quickly fall from fashion.

No you don't have to travel back in time or raid Grandma's jewelry box. This lovely bracelet has been designed to be so evocative, but with a contemporary twist.

Look closely. How does it manage to be so dainty but so sturdy at the same time.

Easy to imagine with a range of outfits from jeans to evening wear, take a closer look and picture how this gorgeous bracelet will fit into your look.

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