How to Self-Publish on Amazon

Are you considering whether to self-publish your first book or not? 

Self-publishing has taken the world by surprise since 2007. If you want control of your book, no middleman, no unnecessary rejection from a publisher, or higher royalty, this may be the route for you!

Why Some Choose to Self-Publish

Ericka is a mom of 4 who started writing four years ago. She finished writing her first novel about a year ago. Ericka then sent her manuscript to several agents and has yet to get a favourable outcome nearly one year after. 

She is not sure about self-publishing because she has no clue on how to self-publish her book.

Ericka's situation is not unique. This sort of situation is frustrating for moms who struggle to create the time to write and complete. They have to juggle between kids needing something and their (mom) writing. They often have to put up with the TV blaring in the background. Not to talk about the never-ending housework and having to work in some cases.

And after all the sacrifices and hard work, you don't hear back from agents or are rejected by traditional publishers because you are not a good fit for them! Keep in mind the countless number of books once rejected by traditional publishers but are today bestsellers.

Erica is a classic example of why some have turned to self-publishing! 

Why Should You Self-Publish

Self-publishing gives you control over what goes into your book. You decide when to publish and even how much royalty you get to keep! You cannot get a better deal especially on your royalty with traditional publishers.

Who does not want to keep more of their royalty?

The next question may now be, so, how do I get self-published? And how much does it cost?

Let's go over the steps below:

How to Get Self-Published on Amazon

Amazon is the number one bookseller on earth. Whether you want an ebook or paperback book, that is the place you should be! I have tried many others but Amazon is still the option to start with as a new author.

So, let's get started!

Write.  For you to have something to publish, you need to write first. So, create the time to write. If you struggle with finding the time as a busy mom, please take my training on finding the time to write. All you need is to choose a topic, research it and start writing. Join my Facebook group to get support and ask questions as you go. Share your wins and pains. You will find others like you to support you through this journey.

Edit and Format. You have now completed that book of yours. Give it to an editor to look over your shoulder to see if everything you have written is in order. Another pair of eyes would help remove mistakes. Getting an editor is usually a paid service. I can help point you to where to go. Please fill out the contact me page. Also, Amazon has recommended formats they want your manuscript to be. Mobi or Epub for ebooks. Jpg for book covers. And pdf files for paperback books.

Do Your Book Cover. Never judge a book by its cover, they say. But, people would judge your book by its cover. Your book cover is your brand, your image. It will speak for you when you are not there so, work very hard on this.

Launch. Yes, shout your new book on the treetop. Why not? If you have created something great, tell others about it. Let them know it is available for pre-order and start buying your book. We would cheer you up in the Facebook group as you go.

Publish. Now your book is ready for publishing. Where do you go to click the publish button? You do not need a publishing company to help you. You can coordinate all of this yourself and hire people on a short term basis to do any of the above tasks for you. And non of the above should cost you a fortune!

Go Over to KDP to Get Self-Published

The Amazon platform for self-publishing is called Kindle Direct Publishing. Go over to Amazon. Sign up for an account if you do not already have one. But if you already shop on Amazon, sign in with your existing login details.

You are now at your back end of where you will control everything about your book and any other book you will publish in the future. Amazon discourages having several accounts. So, every book you will write should be in this account you have created.

Go to the "Create a New Title" Section and upload the different formats you have. As of today, Amazon is introducing the hardcover format. The hardcover format is new and is currently in the beta stage. Keep this in mind.

Put in your book details. ISBN is a 13-digit number that helps libraries, booksellers or publishers to identify your book. It is not necessary to have one to publish on Amazon. But, if you already have one, use it. If not Amazon, gives you a free ISBN.

And the best part of it is, it is free to click the publish button. Amazon only charges when you sell your paperback books. They take out the cost of printing and share the profit with you. And for ebooks, you get as much as 70%. And as much as 60% for paperback.

What Can You Do Now?

There is no need to wait! Let's get started. 

I asked a few moms over 40 what their major obstacles were, and three main challenges kept reoccurring.

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Will power

My job is to help you find that balance as a busy mom and create the time to write your book. I am inviting you to book a 30-minute free consultation. The call will help us decide on a plan to help you get started without adding to your schedule. 

It is risk-free and, you have nothing to lose. Let's go on this journey together. Book your half-hour.

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