Is Self-Publishing School Legit?

Why should you consider a self-publishing school? Are you one of the millions who want to write a book and become self-published? Did you answer yes to the second question? Then, it is worth your time to check this out before starting.

A few years ago, I decided it would be great to learn to swim. So, I enrolled in my local recreation centre to take swimming lessons. After a few weeks, I discovered that even though I thought swimming would be a great idea, it was not something I particularly enjoyed.

I love the few odd times during vacations when I sit by the pool with my feet in the water while watching the kids but, I did not love this enough to enrol for the Olympics.

What am I trying to explain here? To understand whether something is for you or not, you must first put your feet in the water. 

For writing and self-publishing, enrolling in a self-publishing school may be just what is needed to understand if self-publishing is the route for you or not. You will then see the different options available to you.

What A Self-Publishing School Does For You?

    Do you remember my swimming story where I enrolled at a centre that does swimming lessons? Yes, when you are just starting, it is best for someone with more experience to take you by the hand and show you how to self-publish.

    Can you do it yourself? Absolutely! But it takes time to wander around yourself. Some give up or procrastinate when they are unsure of what to do. You want to succeed so, do not leave room for abandoning your project of becoming self-published.

    A great self-publishing school may have already done the work for you, outlining the processes and putting everything in bite-sized formats. You are empowered to take action.

    When checking out any self-publishing school lookout for the following:

    • What did they promise? You must first be clear on what you want. Do you need help with writing? Then, take writing lessons. Do you want to sell books and become a business? Then, check that marketing your book would be part of the offer. Once you know what you want, it is easier to determine if the school is right for you. You can know right off the back that you and the school are a good fit.
    • Read reviews or pay for a few lessons. Reviews are great where available. If not, pay for a few lessons. Your first lessons will help you know what is on offer before settling for the self-publishing school.
    • Decide on cost. The cost varies from school to school. Check the various options. A high ticket does not always mean great value. So, check what is on offer with industry standards. Never pay a penny more if you do not have to do so!
    • Never give away the rights to your work. Self-publishing puts you in the driver seat and, you have control. You should guard what you have got.

Momwriter Academy

Since you are here, let me take a moment to tell you about Mom Writer Academy. It is a self-publishing school for moms over 40 and, it will take off very soon. Keep an eye on this space for more on this. In the meantime, please take advantage of my 1:1 coaching. It is an hour-long session tailored to help aspiring mom writers become self-published.

You will be putting your feet in the water to understand what is ahead of you and know it is not scary. Becoming an author gives instant credibility no matter who you are. You may not get a medal for it, as not all swimmers get a medal. But all swimmers can enjoy swimming or sitting by the pool like me! Book writing increases self-esteem. And that is worth every effort.

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