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What To Do Now?

Are you wondering what to do now? Well, I thought you might ask! So, I wanted to let you know you may already have what it takes to proceed. Here is the thing, everyone needs support. And that is what I do. I will give you that gentle push to help you reach your goal.

Have you ever been to a school sporting event? And watch parents or grandparents cheering their children to the finish line? They call out with loud voices cheering, clapping, and motivating the child to keep running. They may not come first in the race, but the children are happy and energized and they keep running to the finish line.

My job is to cheer you on to keep writing. You will have dark days, but having someone to share your thoughts with, may be all you need to keep you pushing to your finish line.

So how can I help? 

Here Is What To Do Now

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Why Hire A Coach?

As you plan your "what to do now, step, consider hiring a coach.While it's not necessary for everyone to have a coach when writing a children's book, there are several potential benefits to working with a coach, especially for those who are new to the process or seeking guidance. Here are some reasons why you might consider hiring a coach for writing a children's book:

1. Expert Guidance: A coach with experience in children's literature can provide valuable insights into the genre. You receive guidance on age-appropriate content, writing styles, and storytelling techniques tailored to children. My focus is on self-publishing. I take you to the backend of your preferred self-publishing platform to get you started.

2. Structural Advice: Writing a children's book involves understanding the age group you're targeting and creating a structure that engages and maintains their interest. A coach can help you develop a solid storyline, appropriate pacing, and effective character development. W e can look at the different narrative styles and you pick what will work best for the children, choosing the most appropriate style that conveys your messge.

3. Author Platform: Let's face it, everything happens online these days. What platform can start leveraging to promote your book. If you are writing for children, depending on the age, you cannot ignore parents and grandparents. They make the buying decisions. Where do they hang out so, you carry your messge there! It all invovles branding yourself. It takes time but you can start somewhere as these are the people you need.

4. Motivation and Accountability: Writing a book can be a long and solitary process. A coach can provide motivation and help keep you accountable for your writing goals. They can offer encouragement, constructive feedback, and support to keep you on track. That is what I do, let me be your accountability partner gently pushing you as you write one word at a time.

5. Feedback and Revision Assistance: I offer constructive feedback and point you to where you go for help.

6. Customized Support: A coach can tailor their guidance to your specific needs and goals. One size never fits everybody. Whether you're struggling with character development, dialogue, or plot structure, a coach can provide targeted assistance.

8. Overcoming Challenges: Writing a children's book can present unique challenges. A coach can help you overcome obstacles, whether they are related to creative blocks, self-doubt, or technical aspects of writing.

9. Learning and Skill Development: Working with a coach can be an educational experience. You can learn valuable writing techniques, storytelling principles, and gain a deeper understanding of the craft of writing for children.

I also understand that some people already know what they want and require little help. While othere require more help, gentle nudgings to get them through another day. Whichever group you belong we can tailor things to work for you.

Time Management For Writers

One of the challenges many aspiring writers face, is to create time to start writing. I always recommend at least one hour a day to your book writing project. You can do more or less base on your circumstances. Finding the right balance and routine may take some experimentation. It's important to tailor these schedule to around your work and family life. Tweaking things round until you find that sweet spot. Let's do this together. Book for a time audit here.

What I Can Help You With?

1. Mentor you to write a children's book.

2. Cook Books

3. Journals/Diaries

4. Planners

5. Comics

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