Write Your Book From First Draft To Self-Publish?

So, you want to write a book? Each year, millions of books are published. Especially since 2007, when Amazon first launched its self-publishing outfit, more and more writers are becoming published.

How can you write a great book and self-publish it?

When I am learning something new, I love pulling everything apart and break them into bite-size pieces. It makes learning easier. Rather than focusing on too many things at once, focus on one. Take a look at each piece, and work on one piece at a time:

Here Are 9 Steps to Help You Write And Self-Publish

  1. What Do You Want To Write?     Do you have some ideas about what you want to write? Where can you find inspiration for writing your book? Observe the simple, everyday things around you. Find inspiration from family, friends, the environment. Your experiences in life, your work, school, just about anything. You are writing for people with feelings like you. Write a book on just about anything people do. It could be a talent, passion or some stories about yourself or some fictional character. If you follow me on Instagram (which I strongly recommend you do), you will meet my fictional character, Anna. She chose to write on "How to grow tomatoes," which is one of her passions. Will anyone be interested? She must find out!
  2. Ask Yourself: What would writing and completing this book mean for me? Why will it make me happy? The answers to these questions may become the fuel you need to see you through your writing and to your finish line. In my 1:1, we can explore this together as it is an important piece to your overall success.
  3. Do You Have Potential Readers? Anna is not sure if anyone is interested in growing tomatoes. So, she asks people around her, family and friends. Anna also searches online. She went to the library and talk to people anywhere who are interested in her topic. She also sends out questionnaires and uses the feedback she gets, in creating her book content. Do you know where to get ideas for fictional books? Signup for my 1:1 and let us explore this!
  4. Write. Here comes the fun bit. Anna, our fictional character, has researched her topic and is now certain people are waiting to buy her book. She goes to work. Commit to a time when she is not distracted, and start writing. It is not easy. She needs to fight imposter syndrome. She also fights procrastination and learns to say no to all distractions. Consistency is the key. She writes until the last word! How can a busy mom find the time to write her first book? Take my training!
  5. Edit and Format. You have written all that beautiful stuff. What next? Forward your manuscript to someone who can look through your work. You want those 't's crossed and i's dotted'. Engage the services of an experienced editor to help your readers have a lovely experience. You also want your manuscript converted into a format your publishing platform requires.
  6. Your Book Cover. Well, people will judge your book cover. Your cover is your most powerful advertising. Let it work for you. When your reader is deciding to buy your book, you will not be there. Make sure you put the main information on your cover, explaining the value your book will provide.
  7. Set A Price. Now, you have done all that great job, you deserve to be paid. And if you want to give your book as a gift to your readers in exchange for their email addresses, ride on! Do you want me to show you how to do this? How to build your tribe of people that will be interested in what you do? Sign up for my 1:1.
  8. Launch and Publish. Congratulations at this point. Your book is ready. How much will it cost? Well, it depends on the option you choose. It is free to publish on Amazon. Say no to vanity publishers. More on this when you sign up for my 1:1. Pull out the drums and pat yourself on the back. You have done a great job! Tell everyone around you and hit the publish button. Take a break if you wish. You deserve one. Read my post on Post Creation Depression
  9. Marketing. Putting this in the last position does not make it the least important. Besides writing, this is the second most important of the journey. It is also the most ignored part. Many of us authors are comfortable with writing but not with marketing. Look at it this way, if you have something of value, you are doing a service to others by telling them about it! As long as your information is true, not harmful, not divisive, not a scam, adds value, shout it out and let everyone hear of it!

Self-publishing is not a set and forget system. You need to tell others about your book and actively market it. Here is where much of the work lies. So, you need to try different things and settle for what is best for your book.

You should also not worry about writing a perfect book. It does not exist. Just show up with your consistent and relatable self and you will soon fine your tribe of readers.

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