Yellow Sapphire Rings

Yellow sapphire rings are becoming very popular for engagements and many other occasions.

Long gone are the times when blue was the only color associated with sapphires.

For ages, the inside people of the gem trade guarded its existence and found this magnificent stone worthy of nobody less than royalty. Considered to be the safest stone in gem industry for its neutral effects on the people with which it is least compatible and showing remarkable effects on those it suits, the sapphire is the most valuable gem, coming second only to the diamond.

In fact, diamonds and sapphires are very much alike in appearance and luster. It is the unique chemical structure of each which sets them apart. It is often said that a naked human eye can’t easily distinguish between these two beauties. Like diamonds, sapphires also exist in various hues and shades, depending on the type of impurity impregnating its internal structure. After chemically analyzing it, it has been found that iron, aluminum and florin are present. Yellow sapphires were originally found in the lands of Sri Lanka and India.

Sapphires are often confused with the mood identifying opals because they have the ability to change color based on the intensity of light they are exposed into. Yellow, green, pink, violet, blue and purple are just some colors which these sapphires can show. The color changing ability has nothing to do with the change in mood, in fact it’s the following three factors which play a major role in the color changing abilities of sapphires.

  • Hue – the shade of the color
  • Saturation – the saturation of colors determines the intensity and glint of the sapphires
  • Tone – establishes the pitch of these gemstones

Yellow sapphires are found in a range of hues from smooth transparent light yellow to deep greenish yellow and orange yellow. Sometimes the yellow in these sapphires can be so pale that it can be deemed as a transparent white sapphire. Deep golden sapphires with a tint of orange in them are considered to be the finest type of yellow sapphires. The deeper the color of the stone the higher its value.

In most cases these gem stones are cut in oval shapes with multiple facets to retain maximum weight of the stone and highlight inclusions like feather, color zoning, crystals or the natural fissures.

Because of their distinctive value in history, these stones are favored by men and women all over the world. 

Distinctive yellow engagement sapphire rings look dazzling, and durable. In meticulous cuts, brilliant hues and exquisite shimmering beauty, yellow sapphire rings will undoubtedly be an unparalleled addition to your jewelry collection.

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