Black diamond wedding bands

Black diamond wedding bands are the perfect alternative to common and traditional rings. Unlike the usual pure and colorless diamond, this dark-colored gemstone provides a modern feel and adds a contemporary effect to wedding bands.

Black diamonds in wedding and engagement rings are becoming the popular choice these days. The gem’s dark hue exudes a toned-down elegance which is well-liked by couples who prefer to keep it simple.

It is also for this reason that black diamond bands are especially ideal for men since most of them shy away from flashy and shiny jewelry.

But aside from its simplicity, many couples choose black diamond wedding bands because of their mysterious and unique beauty. It is actually exciting to see how accepted these rings are today even if the color black has been and is usually associated with superstitious beliefs and bad vibes.

Origin of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are the most famous symbol and one of the most important elements of marriage. These pieces of jewelry have been part of tradition and culture since ancient times. The first people known to have given importance to wedding bands are the Egyptians.

For ancient Egyptians, the circular structure of wedding rings represented eternity and also symbolized the Sun and the Moon. Back then, wedding bands weren’t made from precious and durable metals. Rather, they were formed by twisting and braiding plants such as Sedges, reeds and rushes together with papyrus.

Obviously, early wedding rings weren’t made to last a lifetime and they had to be replaced annually. It was not until the Greeks conquered Egypt that precious metals such as gold and silver were used to create wedding bands. Roman wedding bands were also known to have been made from precious metals and decorated with expensive gems for the purpose of showing off a couple’s economic status.

In 860 BC, Christians began to adopt and incorporate the use of rings in wedding ceremonies. Early Christian wedding rings were made with gold and had symbolic engravings. During these times, wedding rings were only for women. It was only in the 20th century that wedding bands were worn by both bride and groom.

Black Diamond Wedding Jewelry

Black diamond wedding jewelry such as engagement and wedding rings are expensive as they are beautiful.

The cost of a black diamond wedding band varies and depends on the gem’s carat, cut and clarity, as well as the value of the metal used for its ring.

Because of its deep color, black diamond wedding rings are set in titanium, white gold, silver, and platinum – aside from the usual gold. For a more alluring effect, custom-made black diamond rings are also embellished with side stones such as colorless diamonds or other light-colored gems.

But whether it is set in titanium or in gold, black diamond wedding bands are one of the best choices to symbolize eternal love.

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