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What is a Black Diamond?

A Black Diamond is a rare and valuable gemstone that is used to embellish various pieces of jewelry. These dark-colored gems are also known as Carbonados because they are part of the Carbon family.

Geology experts say a black diamond originally forms under the earth’s surface when extreme heat and pressure turns carbon atoms in crystals – this process happens for approximately 3.5 million years.

These valuable crystals are able to reach the earth’s surface through repeated volcanic activity – making mining possible.

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Black diamonds are dark in color but are not really black. Rather, these precious crystals contain many dark inclusions that exude a dark hue that only resembles the color black.

The value of a black diamond

Like other naturally-colored diamonds, an un-set black diamond is categorized as “fancy” and are valued according to color intensity. Although these gems are not as expensive as pure diamonds, they are also priced very high because they require further treatment for color enhancement.

Black diamonds are not only known to be expensive gems. In ancient times, people believed that these crystals had a mystic power, for example to reconcile and patch up misunderstandings. And because of the dark and unusual color, these gems were also dedicated to ancient gods like Yama, the Indian goddess of death.

How to buy black diamonds loose

From loose diamonds to black diamond jewelry

Black diamond jewelry is great for women who love eye-catching and extraordinary pieces because the diamond’s dark color truly stands out compared to pure, colorless diamonds.

The popularity of these dark-colored diamonds has become widespread. Today many celebrities can be seen with extravagant pieces of black diamond jewelry such as engagement rings and wedding bands.

There are several famous black diamonds in the world. Some of the best known are:

A famous loose black diamond now mouned on a necklace, the Black Orlov is said to be cursed.

1. The Black Star of Africa (202 carats) valued at $1.2 million US Dollars

2. The Pear-shaped Amsterdam Diamond (55.85 carats)

3. The unpolished Black Diamond of Bahia (55.85 carats), and

4. The Black Orlov Diamond (67.50 carats).

Aside from usual yellow gold ring bands and chains, pieces of black diamond jewelry are set in white or two-tone gold and are mixed with white diamonds to emphasize the gem’s dark and dramatic hue.

Where to buy black diamond jewelry

If you prefer finished black diamond jewelry to loose black diamonds, black diamond jewelry is widely available in jewelry stores but the best value is available online.

The most popular and striking items include:

1. Black diamond wedding bands

2. Black diamond engagement rings

3. Black diamond wedding rings

4. Black diamond earring stud.

Black Diamonds May Have Come From Space

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