Loose Black Diamonds: 1.50 CT AA Loose Black Diamond Princess

by Sarah

Click to buy Loose Black Diamonds: 1.50 CT AA Loose Black Diamond Princess from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Loose Black Diamonds: 1.50 CT AA Loose Black Diamond Princess

A full one-and-a-half carats! This substantial, princess cut brilliant black diamond makes a very bold statement indeed.

Want a REAL rock? This combination of elegance and impact will be hard to beat.

Do you long to create a truly unique, personal piece of jewelry that bestows the distinction of a Jackie Kennedy or Princess Diana?

Do you want to shift some devaluing dollars into a real asset with deep intrinsic worth?

The mystique of black diamonds goes back thousands of years. Not only are these the oldest, toughest and rarest diamonds around, some scientists believe they actually pre-date the existence of earth itself.

Enigmatic and alluring, these are the most unisex of all gems, and can perfectly express either masculinity or total femininity.

Come over to the dark side . . .

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