Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring: 2.50 Carat 18K White Gold Round Diamond Oval Sapphire Halo Engagement Bridal Ring

by Sarah

If you only want the best for the love of your life, you should always remember to treat her like a princess. Shower her with gifts that are fit for royalty just like this luxurious and elegant sapphire diamond engagement ring from the Dazzling Rock Collection.

Celebrate your love and passion for the person you love with this stunning sapphire and diamond engagement ring that features a beautiful oval cut blue sapphire center that’s surrounded by natural 100% sparkling white diamonds on its center frame and on each ring band side. All in all, this ring boasts of a total gem weight of 2.50 carats – surely a great number to impress the person you love so dearly.

This gorgeous ring is not only beautiful and stunning but also gives the best value for the money. In fact when you buy one now on Amazon you can enjoy as much as 72% worth of savings and can also get a free gift box to safe keep your ring.

With all of its beautiful features, I can say that overall, he 2.50 Carat Round Diamond and Oval Sapphire Halo Engagement Bridal Ring (as its name implies) is definitely fit for a bride – a woman that’s worth waiting for and worth loving for the rest of your life.

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