Storytelling is ingrained in every culture. It is an effective method of teaching.

If you love kids stories, are into or looking for tips on self-publishing, you are in good company. This is what I do here.

Welcome to and I hope you will love it here and come back again and again.

With the changing social roles and responsibilities of the last 100 years, the 21st century woman now have more to gripple with than ever before when caring for the home was virtually all she was to do. 

Work. Study. House care. Social life. And more. How could you effectively juggle these balls and maintain your sanity and happiness. 

If you are like me, you certainly would do with some experience sharing and tips. 

That is what I set out to do when I started my work a few years ago. 

That brought me to writing not just journals but books and more.  And because I spent more time with children, I began loving many of the things they do especially their stories.  I aim to teach through stories. 

Mama's Daycare

Mama's daycare was published in April 2019. It is my first children's book and I am happy with the success so far. It has great reveiws on Amazon and I am confident most kids will love it. Parents and grandparents will fun discussing the story with their litte angels.

Book is available in both kindle and paper format.

Also you can now listen to the audio in my storytelling podcast, Storytelling with Ngozi below:

In the coming months two of my stories will be going to print, The Proud Sunflower and Freddy And The Veggies. Check our events colunm from time to time for updates. In the meantime your kid can listen to the stories at Storytelling with Ngozi here .





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